Women's Health Screenings

Comprehensive Women’s Walk In Health Clinic in Belleville, Michigan

Female patient smilingBelleville Health Care, PC is a woman’s greatest resource for complete health screenings.

When you think you need an STI screening, birth control consultation, pregnancy test or breast cancer screening, speaking to a medical professional and getting answers as soon as possible is essential. Why wait weeks to get into a busy gynecologist’s office? Belleville Health Care, PC offers many walk-in health screenings for women of all ages so you can quickly get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Walk-In Women’s Health Care Services

  • Annual Pap Smears/Clinical Breast Exams
  • PCOS
  • Menstrual Disorders/Abnormal Bleeding Evaluation
  • Contraception
  • Menopause Evaluation & Treatment
  • Bone Density Testing & Evaluation
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Evaluation
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Evaluation & Treatment

At Belleville Health Care, PC, we strive to make women’s health services accessible to anyone who needs them. Our services are affordable and we are open for walk-in appointments Monday through Friday. We specialize in screening a wide range of health issues and are able to suggest the most effective treatment to provide you with relief. 

Complete Cancer Screenings

After a woman turns 21, many doctors suggest getting Pap smears every few years. These screen for cervical cancer and many other pelvic conditions, and are a great preventative measure. The local physicians at Belleville Health Care, PC have experience in these and a variety of other cancer screenings, including breast exams and BRCA genetic testing (to check if you have the breast cancer and ovarian cancer genes).

Birth Control Consultations

Whether you’re ready to begin taking birth control for the first time or are having issues with your current pill, our doctors are here to help. We offer a selection of various pills and given your lifestyle and medical history, we can provide a recommendation. If you were looking for an alternative to the pill, we offer Depo-Provera birth control injections.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Whether you need preconception counseling, pregnancy testing or postpartum care, our health clinic is here for you every step of the way. Our doctors have many years of combined experience caring for expecting mothers and their infants. After a baby is born, new mothers often have many health concerns for their babies’ sleep patterns, unexpected fevers and if they seem to be eating irregularly. Belleville Health Care, PC is a breath of fresh air, as we are open 6 days a week to give you total peace of mind about your new bundle of joy.

Menopause Symptom Treatment

As a woman ages, she tends to develop menopausal symptoms as she gets closer to age 50. These include hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. Belleville Health Care, PC treats these symptoms, allowing you to live life to the fullest during menopause.

Preventative Medicine

It is important to have a yearly checkup, as many women are at risk for diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. The doctors at Belleville Health Care, PC provide screenings for all of these health conditions, as well as diet advice to help you obtain your ideal weight. 

Call or visit Belleville Health Care, PC today for all of your women’s health screenings!